Making a Google Doc

Capturing prior knowledge and engaging in self-assessment using Google Forms

I've started using these instead of tools like Surveymonkey. They are easy to create and allow you to tailor a whole range of question types to find out what your students know/think. You can then share them, embed them in a class blog, or send to students/parents via email (and you can choose from a range of exciting themes and colours!;-))

The results are automatically collated in a spreadsheet - and you can share that too, to help groups plan next steps together. So, for example, you could use this to:

- gather understanding to inform your planning prior to the start of a unit
- check understanding/mood/engagement throughout a course to help you adjust your teaching as you go
- ask for students' feedback on what you're all doing during a unit of work
- ask students to self-assess against various questions
-..what else?

I'm also a fan of Google Calendars (shared calendars to help a group/class keep track of deadlines and events) and Google Docs (for shared engagement with text).

There are lots of ideas on the Google apps for education community too:-)

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