You can search Flickr using the search box at the top of the screen. This process finds tags for photographs with your search terms

You can create a favourites list by double clicking on the thumbnail of the image you want to open it then click on the MY Faves button above it to add it to your list

Uploading photos
Upload jpeg files as these are already compressed
The photographs which you download must be already stored on your computer.
Click You button> Browse
Navigate to find the photograph click it, choose Open and then Upload

Give each photo a title description and tags

Click Save this batch

Alternate instructions
Click on Upload Photos and Video
Click on Choose photos and videos
Browse for the pictures and select it
Click on the 'Open' button
Select a privacy setting
Click on the Upload Photos and Videos button

If you want to add a description:
Click on the add a description link
Add a tag in the box

If you want to create a set of pictures
click on the create a new Set link
Type a name for your set in the dialog box, give it a description and then type a tag
Finish by clicking the Save button

To upload in bulk
Click the Home link and select the Upload photos link
Control Click on the photos you wish to upload to select multiple images

Flickr Uploader
Click on Tools link in the Help area at the foot of the page
Choose the Flickr Uploadr compatible with your operating system
Use the Uploadr dialog box to set your options

Click upload and set tags for all the photos in the batch
When upload completed, click on view the images in Flickr
Now you can add titles, descriptions and edit tags.

Privacy settings determine who can see your images. A range of settings is possible

Licence options settings lets you limit how people can deal with your images. You can retain full copyright or allow people to use the images as they choose

You can view your photos as a slide show by selecting You, then View as Slideshow

Double click on a photo and choose Rotate button

Placing on a map
Select the Place this photo on a map option
Navigate on the map to find the spot you want then drag the photo on to the map.

You can organize photos into sets
Click Create new set link
Click Create new set button
Drag and drop photos into the main album area
Give set a title and save

You can configure Flickr to Post images direct to your blog
Flickr supports: TypePaf,, Blogger, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Vox, Moveable Type
Click the down arrow beside the You button and choose Your Account, then Extending Flickr
Click Configure your Flickr to blog settings link Click Set up your blog
From the blog list, select your type of blog and click Next

In Blogger, you click Head over to Google now link.
Type your blog ID and password
Click grant Access and select the blog to link to
Click next Check settings and click all done
You can chose a custom posting template.
Create a test post to check the connection works
You can then blog any image by double clicking on it then clicking the Blog this link and choosing the blog to send it to.

Click the arrow beside the You button Choose your Account
Click Create your own memorable Flickr web address link
Type an alias into the box
You can’t change this
Click Preview button
Click OK Lock it in

Select Your photostream then Your sets
Select a set by clicking on it, then click on Share This

In the dialog box which appears next type in the email of the person you want to share your pictures with
If you want to send a message to the person, click on the Add a message linkComplete the task by clicking the SEND and OK buttons

You can change the buddy icon by clicking the grey and black button
This will open the Your buddy icon pag where you can choose an image to replace it with
Click to accept and wait for the image to load

To download an image from Flickr double click the image to view it.
Click the All sizes link above it
When the image appears, click the size to download
Then click to download it
Each Flickr image has a unique url
Double click on the image in Flickr and its url will appear in its address bar
You can copy this url and then email the link

Flickr Badge
Go to
Choose an HTML or Flash badge
Configure the photos to use and the colours
Copy or paste the code into your website code or blog templates

Add ons
There are lots of add ons for Flickr
A list is on

What you can find in Flickr

Photographs from North Korea

Holzner, Steven Sams Teach Yourself Flickr in 10 minutes