How to ensure your blog works properly
Verifying links
Links on blogs make use of the hypertext function but because websites change links need to be checked.
A number of websites automate this for you.
Dead Links
W3C Link Checker
Link Checker
Dr Watson

Is your site down?web tools can tell you if yor site goes offline.
Are my sites up?
Downfor everyone

Tracking traffic to your site
There are lots of sites which analyse who it visiting your site and what they are looking at.
Google Analytics
Monitor us

Altering appearance of a Blogger blog
Setting up a banner
Free Vlog screencast video http?
Changing side bar

Elements within the blogger template can be changed by moving in a drag and drop action.
To add something new,click on "add a page element." Choices are: image, feed, logo, Google Adsense,
Adding links to sidebar
Go to Add apage element and add a link list. Type in the Link Group Title abd put in the address that you want Large variety in the links Links may be grouped and the order changed.

List of teacher blogs:

Allanah King's advice for creating a blog

Welcome to the new Blogger!

Tomas, Chuck and Steppe, Krieg Sam's Teach yourself Wordpress in 10 minutes

Peachpit Press, Berkeley, CA :
introduction to Wordpress that includes enough to get a beginner started, as well as more advanced tips for customizing themes…
WPL 006.78 BEC

Wiley, 2nd ed. Indianapolis, IN :
Provides clear, step-by-step instructions for tackling more than 140 WordPress tasks. Each task-based spread covers a single technique, sure… also available as an e book
WPL 006.78 MAJ

Wiley,2nd ed.Chichester, West Sussex
"Inside, WordPress expert Thord Daniel Hedengren takes readers beyond the basic blog, to push WordPress to its limits as a CMS, a forum, a…
WPL 006.78 HEN

See Motheaten's kete on blogging in Te Kete Ipurangi
Keeping your blog in good 'health' New Zealand Interface Issue 22 March 2010 P34.