Site allows user to record a shout of up to 30 seconds long which can be shared by email or on Facebook and Twitter.
Each shout gets its own QR code.

Sound cloud
Primarily used for musicians and DJs for recording, uploading and sharing music.
an audio version of YouTube, but you can comment and annotate tracks online –
could get students recording readings of texts, poems and then annotate and identify/comment on language techniques or practice and feedback on
delivery of speech???

AudioBoo was another, it is a website and available as apps too. It is a free voice recorder that can then be

embedded or emailed as an audio file – again, the ways students and teachers could use this is endless and the

fact that students could have it on their smartphone or access it online so easily meant it could be anywhere.

Imagine doing locational writing but instead you recorded an oral description as a starter.

Booktrack app (which provides a soundscape to go along worth your digital text) –

could be a great way to engage reluctant readers. I would also love to see students have a go at creating their own!

Platforms can be combined so a a blog post can have an embedded slide shows created on Animoto with oral text embedded from AudioBoo and annotated oral
texts thanks to SoundCloud.