Animoto, the end of slide shows

What is the point?
Animoto is a web-based tool which turns still images into videos with music.

How does it work?
You upload photographs add text and music then Animoto does the rest.
You can upload photos direct from your album on your computer or from Flickr and other on-line photo sharing sites.
Once on the desktop, you can change the order of the photographs, rotate them, delete and add new photographs

How secure is it?

What else can it do?
Full length videos can be purchased from the site
Users registered as educators can make longer videos for free
Tools allow you to add text, and to select one image to dominate the series. This is called spotlighting
You can add music from the animoto site or import your own. You can select the point when the music will begin
You can choose the speed of the animation Three settings are provided and only one setting can be used in each animation
You can embed the video on a blog or website or share it using links to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.
To add additional text to an Animoto presentation use Picnik

Use the instructions below.
1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint
2. Place the desired information on a slide
3. Save as a jpeg file
4. Upload text with images in Animoto

Try Meebo Chat.

How could it be applied in English?
The animation could accompany a pre recorded reading of a text such as a poem.
Can be used to create book trailers.

Where can I find out more?

Nathaniel Louwrens blog

Future Pathways wiki

Animoto tutorial

Simple short animations using existing backgrounds music and characters. Animations are achieved by dragging and dropping.

Animations use pre set setting characters and voices.
Preview and options.