What is the point?
This is an internet technology which allows groups to meet and take part in a lesson.

How does it work?

Uses the Adobe Connect software

How to set up an Adobe Connect meeting

Basic steps to get started in setting up a meeting using Adobe Connect:

  • On the internet put in adobe-con into the url at the top (no need for www...)
  • Enter the following information into the login screen:
    • Login: “your team name”.team@tekura.school.nz eg. raki.team@tekura.school.nz (most teams have a login)
    • Password: adobe
    • Click on the Meetings tab at the top (3rd tab across)
    • Click on New Meeting and fill in the fields (leave the access field as default)
    • Click Finish at the bottom and you’re ready to go.

You can invite attendee simply by copying the link url into outlook and send to whoever is attending. (or you can send invites in Adobe if you know how to do this)
Have a go and set a meeting. (make sure no one else has set one up at the same time however)

How secure is it?

What else can it do?

Save the proceedings

How could it be applied in English?
Run classes.

Where can I find out more?

How to use the features of Adobe Connect

The pod options allow customization
The Attendees box and the In chat box both have an icon for Pod
The first allows the user to edit their information (usually their user name or handle) and to change view as well as a help function.
The chat box pod allows changes in text size and colour of font as well as help.

Along the top of the screen is a pull down menu of icons allowing the users to indicate actions like: raising hand, agree, disagree, step away, smile, applause,….

The three main services for computer video conferencing are:

Adobe Connect

Blackboard Collaborate

Scopia Desktop Video Conferencing